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I Am All That I'm Looking For

I Am All That I'm Looking For

I Am All That I'm Looking For

I usually write my blog on the bus these days. I need to take two of them to get back home (from the studio).  Both of them take about 15 minutes each, and there's a 10 to 20 minute wait between them. 
I write the blog on the way home, not in the morning (I'm definitely not in the mood for it then). 
I write the Norwegian blog on the first bus, and the English one on the second. 
It makes me write in a fast pace, which kinda suits me. 

I prefer writing in the sun though. 
Actually I prefer doing everything in the sun, (which is unfortunate, if you live in Bergen, Norway).
Earlier in my life, I didn't care much about the sun at all, but it's creeping more and more into my brains pleasure center, as the years go by . 
Sunbathing is out of the question though! I hate that! I need to do something, or I get bored instantly. 

Ok, enough about that.
Let's talk about "I Am All That I'm Looking For"
Do we have all that were looking for, in us?
Do we have anything at all?
"No man is an island" according to poet John Donne
But is this true?

Yes and no, I believe.
All and nothing is true.
All experiences are necessarily illusions.
They are interpretations of our senses and our imagination.
That doesn't mean that they are untrue. 

One truth is that we're traveling on a huge ball at an enormous speed around a black hole. 
But what is a ball,  a black hole, and what is speed? What is their true design, and what were they truly designed for? Probably nothing, at least in our vocabulary, as our words, such as "design" are only designed to explain our human reality. 
Words are descriptions that communicates observations of coherence in the way that we sense them. 
Are the words true? Yes and no. 

After living here (in Bergen) for many years, I recently started to try a new route home every day. After realizing that there's many streets that I've never been to. And my perceived reality of my surroundings have changed drastically, just by doing that.

So in a sense, I really believe that we have all that we're looking for in us. But not in our minds alone, but in our actions. Action comes from choices, that comes from our thoughts. Thoughts come from experiences and imagination. 

So we create our needs from our own observations and fuel them with our imagination. And action is the only way to release these expectations (not the internet, by the way). But that's not the same as living out all of your dreams. Be careful with dreams.  

But enough speedy bus philosophy!
I have finally arrived home, I am finished (with the bus, not in any other way) and don't take my word for it, or believe that anything I've said is totally true or not.



It's Friday and release day for the song "Assassin" The song was finished after an all-nighter, just hours before release. The picture was taken some hours later, working with the next release "I Am All That I'm Looking For"