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On The Wave Of Hope And Doubts

On The Wave Of Hope And Doubts

On The Wave Of Hope And Doubts

This song was actually inspired by a particular guitar, a Martin D45 Koa to be exact.

When I decide to buy a guitar, it’s usually because it has a voicing that is very different from my other guitars. The guitar must speak to me in a way that I don't expect from a guitar. 

Typically you'll find such an instrument on the rarest occasions and places. 


We were staying in LA, and our living rooom measured 13 ft in height. Along with the guitar it made a beautiful vibe. Many songs were made instantly with the guitar. 


The song to me is about being in a state of wonder, excitement and uncertainty. With the descending sequence expressing doubts and the ascending passage being hope. 


At a later stage I experimented with different instruments on the recording. Some are still present at the end of the song. Among these instruments are a Sitar, Banjo and a Portuguese guitar, if I remember correctly.