“Alinear” was one of the key songs that eventually helped form the concept behind the work “Cameron”.

Unlike the released versions of the songs «Control Looser» «Sign Reader» and «Sun High: Shadow Small» (all from “Cameron”) this version has a totally different direction, and very little in common with the above mentioned songs

Though “Alinear” was composed as an independent song at first (like the other songs mentioned), together in “Cameron”, they were weaved together along with different themes and sequences.

But also “streamlined” and “unpolished” (in a way).

“Alinear” was later brought out of this context again, and rearranged and recorded again (about a year after the “Cameron” recording).

And on that note (and the fact that it’s approaching the holiday season), I’m going to present a bonus release today!

I’m going release the whole “Cameron” work right now! From start to finish!

With unreleased & released parts all in one long track! (which also contains a completely different version of “Alinear”as well).

I hope you enjoy it!

With me on the session:

Audun Havåg: Bass guitar

Geir Arne Ose: Drums