This song was played a lot at rehearsals with my band Woo, but we only played it live once.

This was at a live event in Ørsta . When I did research for the song (listening to loads of tapes and recordings made over the years) I found many versions of it that I had completely forgotten about. But it is an "instinctive" song. No big complex arrangements.

This release is based on a recording from one of these rehearsals, with Audun Havåg and Geir Arne Ose.

Guitars and drums were re-recorded on top of the rehearsal tape. 

Funnily enough (in retrospect) I developed a heavy ear infection when I was about to mix the song, everything sounded distorted, and off pitched. It hurt so much that I had to lie still, and turn off everything that made the slightest sound. I've never experienced anything like it before.  I didn't want to change the release order in the project, so I quite simply didn't mix it. Relying on the rough mix from preproduction, and that it was good enough.

I haven't brought myself to listen to it afterwards either. 

Maybe I never will.


Drums: Geir Arne Ose

Bass: Audun Havåg