"Do It Again" was composed around 2007. However, the production for the song started out while listening to some samples presented to me by (producer/mixer) Andrew Scheps. 
I ended up using some of the sequences with african drums and drones. It was fun.

This production was made "in the box" (or on a computer), which is pretty unusual for me on my own compositions. I usually like to have microphones all over the place, for vibe.

The song also accelerates in tempo, and the instrumentation changes over the course of the song. 

I remember that I lost the original draft for the song at some point. And I had to rewrite parts of the chord structure, simply because I didn't remember all of it. At a later date I found the original recording, and so this release is based on the second version of the song. 

Andrew is a great guy, very smart, very generous and very good at his work. His input is pretty valuable to me. 
When he speaks, I'm all ears. 
So I hope he likes it ;) 

There are no other musicians on this session,