Exciter was a fun song to play! Not so fun to record, mostly because I’m such a whiner when it comes to acoustic sounds, especially guitar. 
As usual, I recorded it with several guitars, rooms, enviroments, strings, microphones, and moods. It is an all acoustic production.

Often, when a song is simple, fun, and "just works"from a playing point of view, the devil crawls out from the details. 

As in the Norwegian blog, I’ll list up the ingredients that made it to the recording:

1 Acoustic guitar
1 Voice
1-3 "Spiccato" Cellos
2 sets of Congas (4 drums)
1 shaker (don’t remember excactly what kind) 
16 tracks with hand claps (old classic, rarely used by me)
1 Bass drum, not damped, only by hand, along to the arrangement.
1 Wooden block
1 Double bass playing unison with electric bass (another old classic, rarely used)
Last but not least:
1 Plywood table (my studio desk) and 1 spice box, recorded together and distorted after the fact.

With me on the recording:
Audun Havåg: Double bass + handclaps