The song "Games", is part two of the concept album “The Book Of Parallel Worlds”.
It’s a bit difficult to tell too much about individual songs in this work, without referring to the whole piece (which isn’t released yet).

 I’m playing all instruments on this song, and the rest of the album as well. I would like to have Audun Havåg and Geir Arne Ose with me on this, for “old times sake” since we played it frequently together at the time I composed it.  It is still both challenging and fun to play all instruments on a record, but it’s not very social. 

The song starts with four eBows (electric guitar bow) performed on an acoustic guitar. Instead of pressing the string against the guitar neck, the fingers are just mildly touching the string, (without pressing it into the frets of the guitar) making it possible to glide up and down the string, like the guitar had no frets.  

I originally thought this piece would be one of the easier ones to produce in this concept album, and it probably was, but it still took me a month longer than expected to finish it. Sometimes the simplest things  are the hardest.