«I’m Still Here» is an experimental song that we used to jam on, in a different time and in a different world.

The floating intro (and ending) is from another song (actually), called “Spawn”

“Spawn”, composed some years after, was the overture to what was supposed to be my first solo album, “Evolver”.

“Evolver” was a collection (of electro-pop-rock songs) spiced with extraterrestrial themes that weaved in and out between the songs, forming a parallel statement, almost a parallel record.

After a while, the concept became so full with songs, that it could easily have been 3 different albums. And so, when I released the first EP promoting the upcoming album, it contained the last 5 songs that I had worked on, and that was that.

So much for grand visions. We needed to play concerts and promote, dabbling around in the studio wasn’t going to help us with that.