“Life was once a road,

then hope lied.”

I wrote this song in my late teens. At the time I was very ambitious, and also a victim of thinking too much. I still am.

A blessing and a curse, that I would not have been without. But having just a fraction of this trait would be great, and do me very good.

I mostly remember rehearsing the song with my band “Woo”,

We intended to perform it live (of course), but that never happened. We split up soon after.

But it’s exciting to witness these old ghosts, come alive again, here in the studio.

Though it’s been a reoccurring experience for some time now.

All of this is soon coming to an end.

As were now in the last year of this project!

After that I will only think forward.

Or maybe just be present in the moment.

Maybe not think at all

And I’ll smile

And laugh

All the way to the Spotify bank..