I wanted to shed a little bit of light on the future plans for this project. 

It may seem little, but the statements I make on these matters is pretty big to me, and I have to commit to them for five years, so I'm in a bit hesitant to release too much information before I'm 100% sure that I can deliver. 

The big news for today is that, over the course of this project, I will release 15 albums! 

So, that means that the music here will be available on albums and will be  part of a bigger statement.
All these albums will also belong together as a whole. As one body of work

This has been the plan all the way, but it's a big thing to produce. And I don't think it's ever been done before. It will be huge! 


Now over to Lori.

Lori was created along with the song "Backworlds" and served as a second movement in a way.
The song doesnt take itself too seriously, and has an easygoing vibe. 

It was recorded live (as usual) with Audun Havåg and Geir Arne Ose in a matter of minutes.
Though the composition took me a couple of years (believe it or not) to conclude. 

The song comes from a time when I was playing quite serious music and rehearsed almost every day with my fellow musicians. So it was a breath of fresh air within the repertoire.

For me it's always been about creativity, so a vital part of working with music all day, is to have music that represents all kinds of moods you'd normally experience. 

You get affected  by the songs you play, so to keep it real, I need these different emotions going, to prevent me from getting disillusioned.

It was a light moment and a fun song to play. 


On the session with me (again):

Audun Havåg: Bass Guitar

Geir Arne Ose: Acoustic Drums