Dude, where is your sting?

"Needle Take Me Home" was composed in 2006, arranged in 2007 and recorded in 2009.

On the surface, it is about drug abuse, but it's also about coping with the pressure and demands we put on ourselves (or others put on us).

The title came up as a twist to the biblical quote "death where is your sting" 

I made four different versions of the song with (slightly) different lyrics, melody variations and intensity. Some of these versions will be released in the "Needle Take Me Home" package, at a later stage. 

The idea behind the arrangement was to make it more surreal as it evolves, and change the "gravity point" of the fundamental chord progression and beat. A bit like not knowing what's up or down, or real anymore. 
A metaphor for hallucinations or dreams,  half pleasant, half nightmare, madness maybe, or a drug high.

"Tomorrow's a another day", is a great saying, but an excuse for many things. Probably the worst excuse invented. What do you think?

I wrote most of the lyrics over some nice, sunny summer days in Norway (which is rare). It was one of those songs that I started thinking about whenever I was outside relaxing (and probably a bit bored). Fittingly, I am  now writing this blog on one of the first sunny days this summer! (after months of rain). So I guess  "tomorrow's another day" came true for me today.  Hope it does for you too! 

With me on the session:
Audun Havåg: Bass guitar
Bjørn Tore Kronen Taranger: Acoustic drums



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