"Night" was composed around 2003 along with songs like "Steal The Day Back" 

Originally, it had several sequences and parts that were taken out of the arrangement at a later stage. 

I made four string arrangements for the song. I even recorded it with live strings, but after months (ok, years) of adjustments, I ended up abandoning the live strings for a pretty small string arrangement played on a relatively small sample library. It is only augmented by real strings, here and there. 

The arrangement has a somewhat special structure. The verses are built on a descending chromatic chord structure. At the same time, each sequence challenges this by ascending one half step through the song. 

This made the song quite good for practicing "fingering and intonation techniques" on fretless instruments like strings. (Something I painfully experienced when proofing the arrangement, and while recording the string sections)

It is also excellent at making a "string-racket" at the end of the song.

The song is a 5 minute crescendo. Building up from the first bar until the last, without accelerating in tempo (which was also experimented with extensively).

But it started out, and still is, an electronic production at heart (besides the violins, cellos, upright basses and two electric guitars, that is :0 )





Show me your best smiling cellist picture in the comment field.

Show me your best smiling cellist picture in the comment field.