I remember writing the whole "Pilot Song" theme and lyrics in the shower. (yes, I like singing in the shower).

It was heavily influenced by the 9/11 tragedy.

I remember that I was working on new songs for my upcoming album, when heard the news. We rushed to the nearest television and saw the second plane go in. A terrible shocking moment to all of us. 

Both, "Pilot" and "The Stone That Made The World Collapse" was recorded together in one take, and as mentioned earlier, we just went for the "right vibe". The length and structure of the songs changed, whenever we played them.

Both songs became standards on our live shows back then. 

On live shows, Audun (Havåg) used to play guitar and pedalbass on the verses, and electric bass on the chorus. He only had seconds, to change instruments.

That was just the beginning of the insane madness we were going to do live in the future.
More about that later. 

With me on the recording:
Geir Arne Ose: Drums
Audun Havåg: Electric Bass