"Sensual Soirée" was written in the summer of 1992, though much of the song is improvised. 

It was written as a live piece and was meant to change and evolve during concerts. 

It was recorded at a live show in 2000 with Geir Arne Ose and Audun Havåg (drums and bass) 

Improvised vocals from singer Stig Sandbakk was also a common (and effective) part of the live shows at the time. They are not included here, as they're not part of the original composition and thought. 

"Sensual Soirée"  is an instrumental and improvisational piece that belonged to the stage. 

Recorded by Erik Valderhaug at Lydkjelleren AS


Performing in Oslo.

From right: Stig Sandbakk and Geir Satre

Photo: Jakob Berg