“Steal The Day Back” was written and recorded for my own solo project, while working on my first solo album.

The song was recorded along with (now, already released songs) “Night”, “Come” and “Alinear”, to name a few, and was meant to appear on my second or third album.

However, after forming a new band (Ninth) we were in need of tracks, (for our first EP), and I ended up using these recorded songs from my solo album, and re-do the vocals with our new singer.

In fact we had to re-record the vocals with several singers, but that’s another story.

The song was picked out to represent Norway at the “Midem” music festival in Cannes.

And we got several festival invitations, and events out of it. Like the “Norwegian Wood” festival (which we had to cancel due to a tour in the US).

And perhaps the most meaningful, a performance at Grieghallen in Bergen, where we were asked to perform the song in order to highlight and honor young people with mental health issues.