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Into My World

Into My World


Much of the concept and arrangement on "Into My World" was written in 1996, along with so many guitar pieces that I've lost count. 

It's a crossover between baroque and latin styles, and some African as well, at least in my mind (though I didn't care much about styles then, and still don't). 

This version was recorded in 2008.  The guitar pieces are always fun, both electric and acoustic. Because of the fun they've given me over the years, I don't take them too seriously.  It almost feels like a child's game, and not "proper" and "serious art"

The rhythm and bass arrangement is minimalistic, the guitar is the opposite, and drives the song. Even though the song is basically acoustic, it it feels electronic. The tempo is kind of frantic so it can be almost overwhelming to listen to, which was the point.

I dot have much "sympathy" for redoing (any of my own parts) in the studio but I easily record a song on several occasions to find the right mood and ambience for it. Much more effective, I think. 

The song was recorded on the cheapest classical guitar you'll find. The ones that cost  under 100$/€. You can find some pretty good guitars for that price since there are so many of them out there. And here in Norway it's almost cheaper to buy a new one then bother to change the strings! 

It's pretty strange that I've not released more acoustic music over the years, since it's been a vital part of my day to day life since my childhood. 

Well, that will gradually change now

Stills from an upcoming video: at my studio FutureRevisited

Recording an upcoming acoustic song.

My Name Is Life

My Name Is Life


This is one of many songs I made in Tarzana, Los Angeles in 2008.

I tried to work on a new song every day for three months. 


Me and Audun (Havåg, my music partner for 20 years)  worked out the arrangement on an acoustic bass and guitar. We recorded it that way, and started to layer parts. First we added a string section.  Then we we tried to alternate between a rock arrangement and acoustic backing between every stop in the song. 

Making the stops work was challenging by itself.  


I ended up recording "My Name Is Life" live in the studio with Audun and Bjørn Tore Tarranger.  I remember recording the vocals on Christmas eve and mixing it on my birthday. Not purposely. 


The lyrics are about the power of perspective, how you look at things can have a self-fulfilling effect, or what you see is often what you'll get. 


It was meant to be released with "The Creature With One Trillion Eyes" album; the first real album with my "Desert Son" project. The album was originally supposed to be named "Tarzania Album" an internal joke that came from a wrong-spelling on the region we were staying in.

Tarzana: the home of writer Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Tarzana: the home of writer Edgar Rice Burroughs.