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Alternatives To Reason

Alternatives To Reason

Alternatives To Reason

With this song we go deeper into the concept of the work "The Book Of Paralell Worlds”.
This "world" is quite different from the two preceding ones, with more tempo, time, and tonal changes, than actual words in the song. 

The arrangement was also made so that the rhythmic density goes down when the intensity of the song rises. Meaning that the beats become slower when the rest of the arrangement gets faster. 

So in general, I tried to make a set of "nature laws", for the song that’s a bit twisted in microstructure, but still acts natural. Which was fun. 
The main theme for this work, is about the fact that we all live in many parallel worlds at the same time, both personally, geographically and culturally. But they are all different views on the same story. 

Another world will be presented next time!