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Come This Way

Come This Way

"Come This Way" was written and recorded around 2004. 

I love the atmosphere of the song. And it was one of my kitchen recordings. 

They say people love singing in the shower. Well, they should try recording acoustic instruments in the kitchen. Kitchens often have many reflective and hard surfaces and also has a great work bench for equipment.  You can even stand while working there.

As opposed to the recording rooms I use now, which are meticulously measured to have the right "room ratio".

A funny thing with artificial recording spaces like a recording room is that, once you start soundproofing it (preventing the sound from escaping the room),  the sound is captured in the room and you need to use a lot of time and money on treating the room acoustically. Or it won't sound any good. Which means that your living room might sound much better than a recording room if you don't do it absolutely right. 

So, you can make a beautiful recording in a typical domestic space. And may find more character in a normal room, however if you want a "Swiss army" kind of room that works pretty well on most types of instruments and music, you'd want a neutral room, and that is a typical recording room. (Very easily explained) 


Me and the coffee machine



This is not my kitchen

This however... is our "reverb chamber" with lots of vibe.

This however... is our "reverb chamber" with lots of vibe.