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Dark Breath

Dark Breath


Dark Breath

This release is a shortened down version of the song "Dark Breath”.

When I look back at this year, it kinda freaks me out, all the stuff that I’ve been doing without thinking about it. I've tried to forget about it actually, since it's been quite daunting to think about it, knowing that I need to continue working this way for an unknown period of time.  But now, I've come far enough that I can reflect a bit over it.

For instance I play and record drums at least two days every week.

I work with lyrics 3-4 days at least, every week, all year round (I work on many songs at the same time though , obviously it takes more than 3-4 days with one song)

I have singing sessions in the studio, at least 3 days every week. 

Arranging, composing, rehearsing needs to be done every day, no day off. 

And then you have the mixing. tech and logistics of it all, which I really dont look at as a job, since its so incredibly small compared to the rest, but it still takes time. The production is quite a job though. 

And then theres all the hours working on art, every week, and of course, the blog. I dont think of the blog as work either, apart from the fact that it has to be done and released on every Friday morning, which can be difficult in a 5 year span. (I actually wrote one blog post at a hospital in the middle of the night, for instance). But its fun too, of course!

For the music I usually put in 10-15 hours every day including weekends, and usually two all-nighters every week on top of that. Some odd weekends I only manage to put in 5-6 hours though, but then most of them are at nighttime. There really is no day off. This is not unusual in the music business though. Anyone working in it has been there many a time. It is unusual however, when it becomes the norm, and it is dangerous. 

I did expect this though, but as with all things in life, things usually gets more complicated, time consuming  and challenging than you’d ever imagined, even as a worst case scenario. This is true with everything in life, I think, and historically it has vital role in getting people motivated to accomplishing anything, but that's another story. Anyways, I won’t cave in!! Not before my health takes me (which is kind of expected too).

But I have to admit that, even though music is my life, and I love it, I am looking forward to not having a deadline every Friday. Take a weekend off, or go easy on the singing during a flu. But it’s also a bit scary, after doing this for so long. What should I do with my time after I’m done? 

It has at least taught me that, if you really, really want something, the impossible can become possible, if it’s worth it is another matter. Either way, you need to be completely crazy.