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Des Guise In The Skies

Des Guise In The Skies

Des Guise In The Skies

This song was composed around the same time as "A Million Ways To Put You Down" and a bunch of other songs. 
The Pro Tools (mix) session contains 175 recorded tracks, with different arrangements and instruments. 
This is not unusual at all, but the main section ended up with only 3 tracks: guitar, vocal and electric bass, (which is not that unusual either..)
The middle section is a different story though, it has two drumkits, 8 tracks of percussion and three saxophones.

There are several versions of this song, and one of them is included in the "Des Guise" package. But for the heck of it, I'll show it to you here!

It did take me some days to decide on the arrangement for the middle section (especially the saxophones), and I had many elements to choose from, but I'm not trying to win over radio, so I just had to go for the saxophones!

I also wanted the song to have a minimalistic feel, and a 60's vibe to it.

I recorded loads of guitars with different amplifiers to experiment with the sound, but this is a rare occasion were I ended up with the demo recording for the guitar, bass and most of the vocals. 
So it's a song with 172 tracks muted most of the time. 

A big "thank you" to Geir Arne Ose who contributed to the session at an earlier stage. 
Some of the drums are still present on the recording.