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The songs "Gravity Hold" and "Serenade Saudade” are from a work called “September”.

The latter was originally called “Serenade to the lonely”, but I felt that the Portuguese word “Saudade” gave a clearer description.

"Gravity Hold” was called “Gravity don’t fail me” and refers to trying to keep "both feet on the ground”. I write this because I also wrote lyrics for these songs, but decided to release the instrumental versions, mostly because it felt kind of right..

I've always found the autumn to be of great inspiration. In the small town where I grew up, the nature was in itself a huge inspiration , and together they were kind of spiritual. 

I find myself both reflecting and looking forward, at this time of year. As a musician, I'm usually pretty busy in the autumn months, but right after summer, things tend to be quiet for just a moment, and I kinda get the feeling of the calm before the storm. 

Many songs have been written around that time . These two songs were not only composed in September, but also recorded mixed and released in that month as well, but in different years. And funnily enough, it was not planned at all. So there's a kind of gravity, or mystique going on in that month, at least for me.

Some trivial facts: 

I wanted the mixes to be untraditional (won't bother you with the details). 

Both songs have been shortened and rearranged slightly to work as singles, as well as working together as a whole with the rest of the songs presented around them.