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Part Of Your Compilation

Part Of Your Compilation

Part Of Your Compilation

When I'm composing, I often write a bunch of themes, songs, and often full albums or concepts. 
This song is the only song that I’m going to release from its original album concept (I think).
Ironically it is called "Part Of Your Compilation" 

If you ever wondered, there are several albums or collections of songs, where I’ll only be able to squeeze in one, or maybe a couple of songs from, into this five year project.

It would just be impossible to release music on a higher pace, as I’m literally working day and night to get everything ready. 

The song was written in three stages. 1996, 1994 and 2015 (as with many songs, it was concluded for this occasion).

With me on the recording
Audun Havåg: Acoustic Drums

By the way, have a great weekend!