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In My Town

In My Town


"In My Town" was composed in early spring, 2002.

It starts out as a love song, and develops into a tale about death impersonated; lamenting for all living in pain and suffering. I’ll say no more! (probably shouldn’t have said anything at all :)

It is, however a "good tempered" song, and not meant to be sad in any way (go figure!, I'll probably delete this post all together.)

It was inspired by north-asian traditional music (from Russia, Estonia and surrounding countries) which I love! It's in some ways similar to nordic music, and we love our glimmering darkness from time to time (ok I'll speak for myself).

Some of the music from this territory has a kind of naive innosence to it on the surface, but underneath there is a dark and almost crystalized melancholy. 

You'll find it in folk songs everywhere, but it is handled so uniqely in the Russian music, in my opinion. 

It was only inspired by it,  Im not claiming that "In My Town" is a full fledged Russian orthodox chant, but what's on the radar for this 5 year long album might surprise you! (at least I hope it will). 

On the recording with me:

Geir Arne Ose: Drums

Bjørn Tore Tarranger: Drums