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Satan's Brother Miles

Satan's Brother Miles

Satan's Brother Miles

The song was composed for my band "Woo", and if I remember correctly, it was performed only once. But played frequently at rehearsals. 

We had a huge repertoire, which I never managed to release, before we broke up. I did the pre-production for the song by listening to old minidisc recordings, so that when drummer Geir Arne Ose, flew in for the recordings, it was done in one take (we did 3, but the first stayed). In fact, the whole song was recorded in about 15 minutes. 

The rest of the production (and mix) was completed in an evening.
This is never the case with any of the other songs in this project, so far.

I use crazy amounts of time on the recordings. Most of the songs have been composed and arranged years before this project. But many of the productions, also take several years to complete. So what I've released here have been a work in progress for many, many years. Actually, up to 15 years, and even more. 

 I'm always working on some material that "drives me nuts" for the 100th time. 

But still,  I'm extremely grateful for being able to do this. And I hope something good comes out of it for someone.