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Set In Bone

Set In Bone

Set In Bone

I started on “Set In Bone” around the same time that I composed “I Went” and “River”.

That doesn’t say much really.

Nothing, when I think about it.

As so many songs are composed at the same time (“Haunted”, “Needle Take Me Home” plus many more, comes to mind).

Describing the timeline of the art is like describing the timeline of an explosion.

It’s almost like I’m working in parallel worlds, with different timelines and directions. In music, and in general.

It feels like the memory of my life comes from alternate realities, where very different events form their own subjective timelines, though they might have happened exactly at the same time.

Also, closely knitted events that even form a simple storyline, might in reality have happened far far apart, both in time and space.


all the best for all your realities.

I’ll stop to bore them now.