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Sign Reader


Sign Reader

Sign Reader is the second part of a larger work called “Cameron”

The song has been through extreme changes over the years, and is probably the song that has changed the most (of the songs in the “Cameron” collection).

And many of them have been changed a lot.

Originally it was full of arpeggios (notes) and syncopation (odd rhythms). And it had an entirely different statement and mood.

It had choral soundscapes along with African, and Latin parts.

Now there’s not much left of that, replaced by simple guitar chords and voice.

And I really don’t know how, why or when. Actually I just realized it now, while trying to write something about it, in this blog.

But, I guess there are no final versions of anything in this universe anyway..

With me on the recording:

Audun Havåg: Bass Guitar

Geir Arne Ose: Acoustic Drums