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Croak Not Croon

Croak Not Croon

"Croak Not Croon" was composed around 1995. 

I recorded it for the first time in 1995 at Audiofarm Studios, with Mixer/Engineer Svein Erik Åmås

I remember that we recorded it so fast that we had time to record more songs, sadly we didnt have more songs ready for just one acoustic guitar, but we recorded a variation of another song we had, it probably just took, 30 minutes. 

The released version is recorded at a later stage though, and it was almost randomly picked, as I have so many recordings of it. 

This kind of music, has been with me from the very start of my musical life, and Im not quite sure where it comes from. As a kid, I used to keep these songs mostly to myself, since I figured they might not be suited for our teenage audience back then.  Maybe I was wrong, who knows. 

It is still an important part of my musical life, so therefore it is equally important in this 5-year-album/musical-biography project og mine.