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TV Song

TV Song

This is another song with a long background

Originally composed in 93-94

The chord and riff structure for most of the song was used in a  song called "The Other Side"

It was an "all acoustic" piece with three guitars, bass and some percussion.

It was a standard on our repertoire back then. 

I rediscovered parts of it on tapes while researching for the Ninth "Evolver" album in 01-02 and made a totally different arrangement out of it, with different lyrics, melodies and chorus. 

There are four different arrangements and recordings of this song.


On the session with me:

Drums:  Bjørn Tore Kronen Taranger and Geir Arne Ose


The Ninth Evolver crew, backstage at the release party/concert for "Evolver EP". (at Garage, Bergen)

Hans Petter Lie-Nielsen, Audun Havåg, Geir Arne Ose, Geir Satre, Per Helge Lande, Andrew Scheps and Stein Hevrøy

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