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The Making Of A Scar

The Making Of A Scar

The Making Of A Scar

With this song, we're approaching the end of the concept album “The Book Of Parallell Worlds” 
The next song will be the last one presented from this work. 

There are a couple of sequences and some production stuff that will be exclusive to the album, and I hope to release it soon. However there are new songs and music projects, that needs to be done.

The song was written for, and rehearsed with my band “Woo” with Geir Arne Ose on drums, and Audun Havåg on bass, but this is not a "rehearsal recording”. Though I wanted it to have some of that raw and unpolished sound.  

Most of the songs in this compilation (and frankly, most songs released this year) was recorded from scratch.
But I had some good early recordings of a bunch of the tracks here. This is a blessing and a curse. At one hand, it is great to have the feel of the original composition at an early stage, since that is most often what I will go for. 
On the other hand, it would be so much simpler to re-record them without any thoughts about these things. But that would not be "biographical enough" to my taste. This biographical approach also gives me a huge variety of sounds to pick from, since I've been making songs my entire life, and always been on the move, musically.

It is not the variety in itself that matters to me though. It's some kind of originality.  When a song is made, it instantly becomes yesterdays news to me, so I need to do something different or my work feels irrelevant. 

I do keep things in a certain perspective for this project though, and I use a great deal of time on how it its supposed to play out in the end.  So in that regard, "The Book Of Parallel Worlds" is just another tiny part of the 5 year long album puzzle.