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The Song Of Woo

The Song Of Woo

The Song Of Woo

This is one of the first bunch of songs I composed for the band Woo. 

The song was composed around 93 and was a "hit" during live shows. We used to open concerts with this song.  

I remember the first time we played it at a festival in neighboring town Volda, people were screaming almost Beatles style. (Ok, they were still sitting down and not fainting) but can you imagine what that did to a young ambitious boy like me?

It was one of the first times I experienced immediate response from the audience  after playing only for seconds.

 I've probably said it before, but around 92' I  promised myself that I would not ever write a song that I wouldn't  stand 100% for in the future. 

This came from playing in several bands that was more into emulating the newest trends than to be innovative.

It was a bold statement, and a huge goal. I knew that. But I was never afraid of aiming high, and attitude is so important that it is almost the whole point in art. 

So when it comes down to it 20 years after this goal, do I still like the music I composed as a child? Am I proud of it? Do I stand 100% for everything? Really everything?

Yes, and it amazes me. That is why I started this project.


My whole philosophy around the music and this project is much bigger than this hugely oversimplified statement though (or this blog). But I hope I'll be able to explain some of it in the future (without boring you all to death).


On the recording session with me:

Audun Havåg, upright bass.

Live in Volda 1994.

From left: Bård Kvalsund, Stig Sandbakk, Geir Satre and Audun Havåg.