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You Are Holding Me Back

You Are Holding Me Back

"You Are Holding Me Back" was originally a mellow, spacious, canon kind of thing. 

It was written in a 6 week period with lots of experimentation by myself.  The year was 2000, around summertime.

I made the loop after some improvisations, sped it up and made a new arrangement onto the loop. The more I worked on "You Are Holding Me Back", it became more funky. 

I love Motown, the production, the musicians, the instruments. I kind of grew up on it as a kid. I have spent much time listening to and trying to emulate the qualities of the clavinet.  And this is one of the songs were I tried to go for that 60-70’s clavinet feel on the guitar. 

I remember we used to push it real hard during shows. I cranked two amps up on full for the ending.  To be able to play the arrangement and all the notes live, I used a Gibson double necked guitar and played each string separately on the 12 string neck 

In fact, I was so fascinated by the twin neck guitar that it almost became a problem. I started to use it on 90 percent of the live material. It was a heavy guitar to drag around, and I had to carry it about 8 km to and from rehearsals.  And we rehearsed 5 hours, 5 days a week at the very least. 

I remember lying on the couch to the very moment of the gig because of the back and shoulder pains caused by this guitar. :)


Additional musicians:

Geir Arne Ose: drums.


Geir Satre performing with his beloved double-neck at Vaskeriet, Kristiansand, (2002)  Image source:  NRK

Geir Satre performing with his beloved double-neck at Vaskeriet, Kristiansand, (2002)

Image source: NRK




Hi folks!

This is my first blog post!

Im going to post some information about the songs released here. 

If you have any questions or advice, please contact me or post a comment under the blog.

Im going to begin with a song that's been with me for a long time.

Flyer was composed in spring 1995. 

Oh how time flies! Its really mind boggling! 

However, I was playing in an acoustic band called "Woo" at the time.  With members, Bård Kvalsund, Stig Sandbakk and Audun Havåg.  

We never played "Flyer" live with that lineup, but it became an important part of our live shows a couple of years later with a quite different band, but with the same band name : Stig Sandbakk on vocals, Geir Arne Ose on drums and Audun Havåg, bass.

The first studio recording was done at Audiofarm Studios in 1997.

I recorded the released version in  2001. With Geir Arne Ose on drums and Audun Havåg on bass.  

We played the whole arrangement live in the "studio" and then added the vocals on top of it.

Thank you for reading! And I hope you enjoy the song!