“The Feeling Stronger Than Hate” is one of the songs that was supposed to be released on the album “The Creature With One Trillion Eyes”. The album was even printed, but never released.

There were many reasons for this. One of them was that I wasn’t satisfied with the cover-art printing job, the mastering, the print material, glue in the sleeve, even the compact disk itself looked underwhelming. Makes me sound like an idiot, but really, this is nothing new in the music business, quite common actually.

After a few rounds with the manufacturers, and a couple of reprints, the album was put on hold. And after a while I had moved on and laid new plans, started on a new album, and new songs.

This song is one of a few in this project that has a guitar lead thats not recorded through a real amplifier. But through a cheap analog amp simulator called a VOX plug. It was purchased for a few bucks at the now legendary West LA Music Store.

But bullshit aside, the composition is part of a huge branch in my artistic life, those of you that has followed this project, have probably understood this by now, and can draw lines straight through me and my entire life. Life is like a tree, with roots, even  longer than the branches.