“Before The Storm” was composed around year 2000.
It was recorded in 2001, it still takes my breath away sometimes; when I look at the song (session files) folder and see songs in progress for such a long time. 

It is also kind of overwhelming to try to improve some of these recordings, without ruining the mojo, or the original intent.

It’s important to try to keep the freshness and nerve of a newly composed song. And to illustrate this, I’ve included to extra versions of the song. The original recording from 2001, and a remixed version from 2014, along with this release. 
(And honestly I’m not sure, which I one prefer)

I remember getting a lot of credit for this song, at the time, and so it was used to promote the band in music business settings, and to pretty good effect.

When I wrote and recorded this song, It was intended to be released on an Ep called “Suntitled Playlist” with my band “Woo”  

The string arrangement on the song is played with a violin bow on an electric guitar. 

With me on the recording
Geir Arne Ose: Drums
Audun Havåg: Bass guitar