"Corsair" is basically a rehearsal recording with my band " Ninth", with some extra rhythm guitars and vocals, for polish. But no hits or tones have been reorganized or removed. 

It's of course, quite practical to rehearse in a recording studio, and many grooves have been captured coincidentally because of this. Several released songs includes elements of the very first ever, run through of the song, in the mix. 

The best pictures are never taken, this can also be true with music; the exciting stuff often lies in the unpredictable and uncritical moments, which mostly happens spontaneously. For this reason, I tend to record  most rehearsals, but then again, I generally never listen to them. 

Improvisation has always been a central part of my musical life. In somewhat contrast to the music production side, which demands a lot of analysis. Many songs just don't have a strict form, but lives on their own, and changes over time. Corsair is one of these songs.

This recording is kind of special, as it was played with a pretty clean (single coil) guitar. 
Which have an impact on, where we go with the improvisation. We usually played it with more heavily distorted guitars, then what is present on this particular recording. 

I've included a video with snippets from a tour we did in China, (with my band "Ninth"), which highlights some improvisations. On these tours you only bring your guitar, and play on whatever equipment they might have at the venue,  (sometimes they have nothing)
And it's particularly fun when it comes to the improvisation parts of the show, as you can play the equipment for what it's worth and get maximum performance out of it.