As mentioned in the previous blog post, “Exo” is the last part of a larger work. 
The whole “work” has several themes, and parts, that are not included in this project.

Sometimes I get questions about my lyrics, and how they are written. Usually this question is geared towards, whether the lyrics are describing events in my personal life.
The simple answer here is: no.

Most lyrics are written along with the music, and they’re never about personal experiences directly. 
I’ve always found it fascinating, and most natural to think "outside myself”when I’m composing. 
I am, like so many others, quite curious, and I love to philosophize and analyze things. Everything from dark, and frightening thoughts to bland and funny stuff.  

I like to reflect this in my lyrics, but I easily find it boring and predictable if all lyrics were to be serious and complex, in the same way that music gets boring and predictable if it’s always simple or always complex.

I like to analyze my own moods and feelings, and see them from a distance. Find circumstances where these feelings can arise in other peoples lives. Build a framework of it. Then I start to peel the layers off, until I get something that I feel represents or wakes that feeling. A mood is often more abstract than a pure feeling (in this context).
The end result gets further influenced by my usual pondering (at that given time), and that’s the fun part with creativity, to let the mind wander!

So, to write about my personal life would be incredibly uninspiring and boring to me (and I guess everyone else).