"Horizon F185" is an improvisational piece recorded February 18th 2005, hence the name.
I have at least 1000 recordings of improvisations like this, or “meditations" as I like to think of them. 
These are, of course performed on different instruments, with or without my voice, and in different moods. 

Common to them all, is that they have no planned purpose, and they were never intended for anyone to listen to. 
So, I thought it would be cool to release at least one of them here.  As a kind of musical reality show!

Anyways I think it’s suiting to show a glimpse of that side in my musical biography. 
Since they are all quite long, I just picked one random improvisation, without listening to others. I decided that I would not edit out anything or do too much with it, since that kind of defeated the purpose of releasing it. 

Improvised music has a way of reaching other “places" than composed music, and often being more extreme (in so many ways). This is also true in concert form, where you can create a mood that reflects both the audience and the artist at that time. And I just love that.  

When that is said, I’m  not particularly happy with this improvisation (or unhappy) it’s  just another “meditation”. It is honest, with no regards to anything else.