I wrote One Way as an instrumental and thus I’m presenting it as an instrumental here, I may release a version with vocal arrangement later at some point 

This song was performed extensively with my band Woo, but I wrote the vocals mainly to give our singer something to do live. So it really is the original version you’re listening to here. 

The song (among others) was inspired by my desire to blend folk music with funk and techno. And needless to say, put it in a rock frame. 
I was 16/17 years when I wrote it. 

The released version is based on a live show recording with the band Woo.

There should be several video recordings of this song as well. Maybe someday I’ll have time to go over them and release them to the public. But it would be much simpler to play it live and just release that.

Drums: Geir Arne Ose, and yours truly 

Bass: Audun Havåg