Speaking Of The Devil was written when I was about 16-17 years old. It was written for acoustic guitar, piano and upright bass.

It was rehearsed extensively with my mates Audun Havåg and Rune Bjørneseth, at the time. Along with songs like “March Of The Moors” and a bunch of others, they were to become the first repertoire for my then new band Woo.

After playing in an acoustic band for years which explored all kinds of roots, folk, and world music,  I wanted to take it further, by including everything I was into.  Electronic music, (with synths and programming), eastern music (with sitars and other strange instruments),  everything from techno, funk, and even choral music. And of course with real drums and electric guitars.  I was also not afraid to push the instruments to sadistic levels, if the end result was cool. A philosophy that I still have in all my work.

The song was also written with a festival in mind (Dei Nynorske Festspela) I called them, and invited them to listen to the song.  But I was too late, the booking was already done, and they kindly invited me to “call back next year” 

Well, that never happened. 


On the session with me:

Audun Havåg:  Upright bass.