As usual, this song is part of a larger work, and is the successor to the song Xenophobia. I don't think I'll  release more parts from these compositions (though I'd really love to give you the part succeeding this one as well).

By now, the brightest readers may realize that this project could be far longer than five years.  Thank God it won't be.

The title refers to the first part of the work, so together they make the sentence: "Xenophobia, the algorithm of hell". 

I did use quite some time on layering up the arpeggiated line going though this song. It was recorded with about 10 different string instruments, mostly acoustic guitars, a sitar, baritone etc, and further distorted and filtered. I wanted it to have a synthesizer vibe to it, without using one. 

Another funny fact: we used some time to make sure that the song was exactly 3:16 long.