Control Looser is the first song in a larger piece called “Cameron”.

Originally this work was composed with strings, horns and piano (in mind). But at the time; the reality of recording an entire orchestra was technologically, practically and economically; impossible.

Instead, I recorded the whole piece live, in one take, (together with Geir Arne Ose and Audun Havåg).

These days, studio production are quite different! After working with orchestral arrangements on a daily basis for years now, I still find this recording to be more interesting as it is (compared to the denser, and polyphonic orchestrated version).

There is something about playing tones intended for a specific instrument, with an entirely different one. It can make it more original and interesting.

So, what once was a technical and financial limitation, now contributes to making these songs more “exotic”.

I also went for a more grounded and old-school kind of approach, with minimal audio processing, and few instruments

On the session with me:

Audun Havåg: Bass

Geir Arne Ose: Drums