This release is based on a live performance with my band Woo. I composed “I Am A Snake” specifically with live shows in mind, which I often do.

However, most of the song, and it’s ideas was made without instruments (meaning in my head), in form of daydreaming, and a bit of wishful thinking.

I more often than not, compose without instruments. It’s more liberating that way.

It’s less stressful to think about work, than actually doing it. And I believe many songs would not have been made, if I would need to tackle all physical production and arranging aspects at the same time.

Also, you need the right person to play a song. Someone who understands it, and so many of my songs was rendered unplayable, without the right people in the group.

At the time, when daydreaming, I wrote ideas down on small post-it notes. I have thousands of these, along with a bunch of small yellow notebooks.

Musicians with me on the recording:

Audun Havåg: Bass guitar

Geir Arne Ose: Drums