I sometimes talk about the fact that I'm making several versions of a song before landing on one. So in this case, I decided to release two versions of the song "Darkness".

They are both minimalistic in their respective styles. The electric version is straight forward with few drum fills or any other "noodling".

The acoustic, is basically a live recorded version, with lots of room ambience. I put the microphones way back in the room, and tried to catch the song in a way that is hardly viewed upon as the "studio sound". More like something you typically hear on a camcorder or a phone recording.

The acoustic version is also transposed to a point where I was feeling quite uncomfortable with singing it. This was done to get a more frenetic and "worried" expression from the vocals.

To be on the "safe side" I also recorded both songs in 3 different keys. That is why the electric and acoustic version ended up in different keys.