This song has no guitars, but was made on one.  The first arrangement was for an acoustic guitar. The second draft was an electric/psychedelic rock piece, but I wanted to use some of my affection for (early) 60's instrumentation on the final arrangement. 

The production is still acoustic, and played with real acoustic instruments. 
Even though I had a concept for the arrangement, I had nothing actually arranged. I gave myself 3 hours to arrange it for piano (which I had been planning to do for years), and recorded it early in the morning, just after the  piano had been tuned. It took about 10 minutes. The vocals was also recorded very fast, right after the piano, to get the same feel. Most instruments was recorded instantly.  You don't necessarily get the most polished sound this way, but I wanted it to sound fresh and alive. 

The song was still tricky though,  as I always get tempted to try multiple arrangements anyways. Every stone gets turned, and it takes time. 

Here are some clips of some of the instruments that's actually present (low) in the mix. 
Can you hear them in the released song? (Some of these clips are from early drafts, and has been worked on after the fact). 

So, there's a lot of stuff under the hood on most songs, and as said before: recording is the easy part.