Songs often has a tendency to be created in parallel situations. 

Along with heavy improvisation (with my band Woo) the first actual demo of “Don’t Look Back” was created on an old organ and a twelve-string electric guitar. 

The organ parts was inspired by  yet another song I had written for acoustic guitars. Then several arrangements were made, and recorded.

I was planning on releasing two of them here: one for horns and baritone guitar, and one for grand piano (both with voice).

But then again, I could have said this for just about every song. The reason I’m even telling this now is that;  just a few weeks ago, I really didn’t know which version I was going to release.

They are quite different, and have their own distinct statements. Together they speak more than a thousand words, in a blog like this. 


Anyway, "Don't Look Back" was heavily performed live with the band Ninth, using several live-looping pedals to complete the arrangement. I think I had 12 different record armed “loopers" on this song during the most crazy shows.