This song started out as a choral composition with trumpets, strings, church organ and and bowed guitars.

It had no drums, no words and was 7 minutes long. 

The arrangement was supposed to represent a dream of ancient times that was abruptly broken. It was originally named "Mountain Call".

It was a minimalistic piece. Long drones with few notes and primitive harmonies. 

The theme stuck however and I arranged it once again with the opposite in mind: a rock-hungry audience. We first played it with WOO around 2001.

I continued to work on the melody and it was destined for release on the Ninth Evolver Album (currently unreleased) 

Strangely enough it ended up more mellow in the final recording than originally intended, but it was fun to play and the audience seemed to love it when we performed it. 

There are several versions of this song and they are like night and day to each other.
Im not sure I will release them all but you never know.