"Kill The Evil" started its life while jamming with a looper pedal, about 18 years ago. The drums where programmed on a computer, which was basically what you could do with computers back then. The guitars where improvised over the drum track. 
The song was one of many tracks that was being prepared for release with my “Ninth” project, (which was a solo project at the time). The album was never released, but an EP containing a version of Kill The Evil was released, this EP was supposed to be a teaser for the album to come. 

I recorded and produced the album myself in my own space, but ended up working on many of the tracks with other producers, whom I trusted and respected, 
On this song (and a bunch of others) I worked with Yngve Sætre at Duper Studio. 

This release is an earlier and longer version of the song, (but the same recording) and I have brought in some of Yngve’s ideas as well, as he’s a brilliant (and generous) guy, that indeed helped me a lot on these songs, for second to nothing. 

Still I wanted to present it here in a new light. 
On the recording session with me:
Geir Arne Ose:  Main drums
Yngve L Sætre: Synthbass/production